Pre-bid Meeting Conversation

Pre-bid meeting Venue ( HRPU 1st floor Aadhar Building,NFC, Hyderabad )
Pre-bid meeting Start Time ( 26/05/2020 11:00 )
Pre-bid meeting End Time ( 11/05/2021 14:00 ) User Comment
1 1. SHREEJI EXPORTS ( 21/11/2020 05:14 ) We are interested to submit our bid for this tender. Request you to kindly clarify the following for us; 1) In the recent DPS tenders we have come across which has been marked as indigenous, all the offer must be submitted only in INR. However in this tender which is marked as indigenous, the option for choosing foreign currency is available. So, must we offer for this tender in INR only? Or, can we offer in foreign currency as an authorised dealer of our foreign principal, wherein the beneficiary of the order will be the foreign principal? Please confirm. 2) Are foreign bidders allowed to participate directly or through their agents/dealers in this tender? Please confirm.

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