Tender Details
DPS/HRPU/NFC/PT/ENG/16543 40389
At our Stores, Zirconium complex, Pazhayakayal, Tuticorin, Tamil Nadu
Supply Global
Not Allowed Online
Not Required NA
Offline Rs.150922
Earnest Money Deposit (EMD) must be in the form of Demand Draft drawn in favour of "P&AO, NFC Hyderabad " payable at Hyderabad and a copy of DD thereof must be uploaded along with quotation. Demand Draft shall be sent to "Assistant Purchase Officer (Tender Section), Govt.of india, Department of Atomic Energy, Directorate of purchase & stores, Hyderabad Regional Purchase Units, NFC, ECIL, POST, Hyderabad - 500062. in a sealed envelope superscribing boldly Tender Number and Due date, so as to reach before the due date and time. Offers opened without receipt of EMD before due date and time will be rejected. EMD will be forfeited if the bidder withdraws or amends, impairs or derogates from tender in any respect within the period of validity of the tender.

Exemption from Payment of EMD :
1) Firms registered with DPS, NSIC, and Micro & Small Enterprises which are actual producers of Tendered Items.
2) Quotation submitted in currency other than INR

In order to avail exemption by eligible vendors following document shall be uploaded where EMD details are asked for while submitting bid:
1. Vendors registered with DPS, NSIC, registered Micro & Small Enterprises : Copy of valid registration certificate.
2. Indian Agents submitting quotation in currency other than INR : Copy of valid authorization certificate issued by overseas principal and a declaration that quotation is submitted in currency other than INR.
3. Overseas vendors : Declaration that quotation is submitted in currency other than INR.

As per the tender document AND Note- 1) SUPPLIERS ARE ADVISED TO QUOTE STRICTLY IN COMPLIANCE WITH THE INSTRUCTIONS GIVEN IN THE HEADER OF THE 'PRICE BID TEMPLATE' AND NIT FAILING WHICH THE OFFER WILL BE REJECTED. 2)Offers of the bidders who have shown poor performance or failed to execute earlier orders of similar items will not be considered for evaluation.
FABRICATION & SUPPLY OF Process Assemblies for 1500 kg Zr Sponge bach
Not Required
FABRICATION & SUPPLY OF Process Assemblies for 1500 kg Zr Sponge bach
As per the tender document
Tender Schedule Details
14/05/2019 19:30:00
13/06/2019 14:00:00
13/06/2019 14:00:00
13/06/2019 14:01:00
100 Days
8 months from the date of placement of PO
Documents to Download

Tender Document

Sr. No. File Name Download
1 Item_3_Annex_IX_VQ_VDTR.pdf
2 Item_3_Annex__VIII_Radiographic_VDTR.pdf
3 Item_3_Annex_VII__2_UT_Procedure_of_Groove_Welds.pdf
4 Item_3_Annex_VII_1_Ultrasonic_VDTR.pdf
5 Item_3_Annex_VI_DPT_VDTR.pdf
6 Item_3_Annexure_V_Visual_VDTR.pdf
7 Item_3_Annexure_IV_QA_VDTR.pdf
8 Item_3_1331_R1_1500_KG_VDTR.pdf
9 Item_3_Annex_I_Tech_Specs_VDTR.pdf
10 Item_2_Annex_IX_VE_TC.pdf
11 Item_2_Annex_VIII_Radiography_TC.pdf
12 Item_2_Annex_VII_QAP_TC.pdf
13 Item_2_Annex_VI_2_Hydro_Test.pdf
14 Item_2_Annex_VI_1_Pneumatic_TC.pdf
15 Item_2_Annexure_V_ET_Procedure_TC.pdf
16 Item_2_Annex_IV_Ultrasonic_TC.pdf
17 Item_2_Annex_III_DPT_TC.pdf
18 Item_2_Annexure_II_Visual_TC.pdf
19 Item_2_1302_R1_TOP_CLOSURE.pdf
20 Item_2_Annex_I_Tech_Specs_RR_Top_Closure.pdf
21 Item_1_Annex_X_VQ_for_RR.pdf
22 Item_1_Annex_IX_Radiography_RR.pdf
23 Item_1_Annex_VIII__2_UT_Procedure_of_Groove_Welds.pdf
24 Item_1_Annex_VIII_1_Ultrasonic_RR.pdf
25 Item_1_Annex_VII_DPT_RR.pdf
26 Item_1_Annex_VI_Visual_RR.pdf
27 Item_1_Annexure_V_QA_Plan_RR.pdf
28 Item_1_Annex_I_IV_RR_TechSpecs.pdf
29 Item_1_1358_R1_SS310H_RR.pdf
TechnoCommercial Document(s)
Sr. No. File Name Download
Record not found.
Technical & Commercial Bid Except Price
Sr. No. Template Name View Old template
1 e_DPS-P-102_version_2018-2
2 Checklist
3 Commercial Terms
Price Bid
Sr. No. Template Name View Old template
1 Price Bid
General Notes
  • Bidders who wish to participate in online tenders will have to enroll once with the website through the "Portal Enrollment for New Bidders" link provided on the home page. Bidder will create login id & password on their own in enrollment process.
  • Interested Bidders can view detailed tender notice and download tender documents free of cost from this website.
  • In case of Public Tender (PT) there is no restriction for participation in the Tender. In case of Limited Tender (LT) or Single Tender (ST) participation is allowed only to the intended bidders who shall be able to do online submission of the bids. However the Tenderers are required to meet the Qualification Criteria stipulated, if any, under the tender.
  • Payment of Tender fee:
    • Payment of Tender fee: No Tender Fee is applicable for this tender.
  • Bidders are advised to submit their bids well in time to avoid any last minute hindrance.
  • DPS reserves the right to accept / reject any or all bids in part / full without assigning any reason.
  • Changes / Corrigendum / Clarifications pertaining to the Tenders would be hosted on this website only . As such the bidders are advised to visit the website for updates, if any.
  • Bidder who wish to participate in this tender needs to procure Digital Certificate as per Information Technology Act-2000 using that they can digitally sign their electronic bids. Bidders can procure the same from any or the CCA approved certifying agencies. Bidders who already have a valid digital Certificate need not to procure the same.
  • In case of any difficulties encountered towards accessing the website for Tenders or towards submitting the ON LINE bids, they can contact,
    Nextenders india Pvt. Ltd.
    Tel No. :020 25315555
    Email : support.dpsdae@nextenders.com