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 Buyer of Scrap,etc

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  Metals & Non Metals
  Mechanical Transmission Items
  Welding Machines & Soldering Items
  Fabrication Work
  Pipe + Pipe Fittings
  Tools & Tackles + Abrasives, Polishes
  Wire ropes
  Computer Peripherals
  Computer Accessories
  Telecommunication Systems
  Building Material
  Chemicals + Gases
  Medical Equipments & Supplies
  Furniture Household & Hospitality Items
  Safety ,Security Fire & Environment Items
  Laboratory Items
  Petroleum, Oil & Lubricants (POL)
  Stationery & Office Utilities
  Textiles, Fabrics, Clothing & Leather Goods
  Switch Gears
  Electrical Items + Power Source
  Detection/ Monitoring Instruments + All Measuring Instruments
  Electronic Components
  Robotics/Automation& Parts/ Accessories
  Tranportation Vehicals & Parts
  Boiler Equipments & Parts / Accessories
  Compressor Equipments & Parts / Accessories
  Engine & Parts / Accessories
  Furnance Equipments & Parts / Accessories
  Cleaning System Equipment & Parts / Accessories
  Hoisting, Lifting Equipment & Parts / Accessories
  Materials Handling System & Parts / Accessories
  Plant Elements & Parts / Accessories
  Pump & Parts / Accessories
  Workshop Equipment & Parts / Accessories
  Lubrication System & Parts / Accessories
  Agriculture Equipment & Parts / Accessories
  Printing Machine & Parts / Accessories
  Instrument Valve
Furniture :
  Classic Chemicals
Buyer of Scrap,etc :
  General Scrap
  Surplus consumables

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1. The Portal enrollment shall not bind DPS to give any priority or preference in the issue of Tenders and Placement of purchase orders/Sale Orders.
2. This Portal enrollment does not guarantee that all or any of the enquires for the items registered would necessarily be sent to you, it will be
     at the sole discretion of DPS.
3. The performance shall be periodically reviewed by DPS for continuation of the enrollment with DPS.
4. If the performance is found unsatisfactory, DPS reserves the right to cancel the enrollment of the firm.
5. If there is any change in the details like name, location of works/sales office, Management / organization structure, validity of certificates, etc.
     the same shall be intimated to DPS promptly along with relevant documents for correction/ done using the updation facility.
6. The documents submitted during portal enrollment shall be revalidated before the expiry of the same.
7. The firm shall take necessary action to get the timely validity extension of the digital certificate.
8. Vendor /Buyer should have a legally valid CLASS II or Class III digital certificate with Organization name from any of the licensed certifying Authorities
     (CA) operating under the Root Certifying Authority of India (RCAI), Controller of Certifying Authorities (CCA) of India.
9. Vendors are requested to upload scanned copies of all Documentary Evidence/Registration Certificate as above.
10. At present there are no charges for enrollment/Support/training for DPS etendering portal.
11. Incomplete application will be rejected by the system.
12. Vendor/Buyer will be de-enrolled from the portal if they fail to abide by the terms and conditions of contract or fail to supply goods or fail to lift stores(for sale contract) on time or supply substandard goods or make any false declaration to any DPS or withdrawing tender within validity period, or for any ground which, in the opinion of the DPS, is not in public interest.
13. Service Charge of Rs.60/- (Rupees Sixty only) per bid plus Service Tax as applicable will be levied for participating in online tender.

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